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The Crag Business Group is pleased to provide support to home health agencies and health care organizations by offering a retainer program.  


The Crag retainer program is designed to provide a consultant who knows your agency and is readily available to assist with policy review/revision, telephonic support during survey, or to answer general questions.

Retainer Program Consultant on Stand-By


Should you need consulting or training services in the future, remember that our current retainer clients will receive automatic discounts on training/consulting.


12 Month Program – Paid Annually $2,400

  • $200.00 per Month: Up to 3 hours work/month


Month to Month - Paid Monthly $3,240

  • $270.00 per Month: Up to 3 hours work /month

  • Monthly payments are due by the 1st of each month.


Hours are calculated as follows:

  • Policy Development: 2 hour

  • Form Development:  1 hour 

  • Telephonic Support, including survey support:  Time on call rounded up to nearest quarter hour 

  • Office Based Research:  Actual time rounded up to nearest half hour


Work exceeding retainer coverage will be billed at a discounted rate

Retainer does not cover training sessions


  • Hospice

  • Home Health

  • Private Duty

  • Adult Day Care

  • DME



  • Growth Planning

  • Licensure

  • CMS Certification Preparation

  • Human Resources

  • QAPI

  • Due Diligence Review

  • Risk Management

  • Preparing for Sale

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