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As part of the Crag Consulting team, Ellen Caruso will provide political and government affairs consultation to Crag clients, home care agencies, hospices, PT and therapy practices, and other health care providers. 


  • Introductions and face-to-face contact with local, state and federal elected and regulatory officials.


  • Informing relevant elected and regulatory officials about the home care agency’s services and contributions to the community wherein the home care agency operates

  • Educating clients on the legislative and regulatory processes applicable to your situation


  • Contacting local, state and federal elected and regulatory officials regarding the home care agency’s regulatory and reimbursement issues

Delegation Visits

  • Coordinating and leading home care agency visits with the state’s congressional delegation at the nation’s capitol in Washington, D.C., and

  • Facilitating visits with state legislators

Legislative Reviews

  • Providing perspectives to the home care agency regarding issues and candidates

  • Providing guidance on agency political activity

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